Artist Interview: Genkrieg

Artist Interview: Genkrieg

In our quest to explore the arts, we met with @Genkrieg to ask some questions about her work. We found a fresh style where many characters operated together to create attention-grabbing designs!


Q1. Art has the power to evoke emotions in its viewers. Is there a particular piece you've created that holds a special place in your heart because of the emotions it stirs, whether in yourself or others?

Every artwork is done with passion and love 🥰 I meditate daily and art is one way of doing so! I draw with details, and every detail has at least one meaning creating more meanings, infinity ♾


Q2. Artists often have unique rituals or habits while working on their craft. Do you have any quirky or interesting routines that you follow to get into your creative zone?

Whenever I feel like making art I do so, I prefer it to be natural than forcing myself 🧸 I could be working on multiple things at the same time because sometimes I feel like working on different pieces, I go with the flow 🗝


Q3. Creativity is a wonderful journey of growth and evolution. How has your style or approach to art changed over the years, and what do you think has influenced these changes?

Practice influenced these changes for sure, the more I create the more I learn new things from my own creations 🔮


Q4. We all encounter creative blocks from time to time. When you find yourself stuck, what strategies or activities do you use to break free and rediscover your creative flow?

I either change artwork I'm working on or simply stop the art and leave it for later or another time 😊


Q5. Sometimes mistakes lead to unexpected masterpieces. Can you recall a time when an art mishap turned into a delightful surprise, leading you to explore new artistic territory?

When I was a kid, I didn't use to see my drawings as art. Seeing other professional artworks like realism, I used to feel like "wow this is art". After few years, when I started drawing and making more art, I noticed I was embracing my own style and was very proud of myself because I did not use to believe that my art, was art, just because it was not realism. Since then, I loved doing it. I see no mistakes because whenever I make mistakes I make sure to fix them, I am a bit of a perfectionist you can say 🐇 I always love to experiment and try out new types by simply going with the flow and following my imagination 🍃


Q6. As artists, we often draw inspiration from the world around us. Is there a specific place or environment that you find particularly inspiring, and how does it manifest in your art?

I do not have a specific place where I draw, but I can definitely say that my village next to the mountains where I visit rarely now but used to spend my childhood at, is one of the best places I like be to at ✨ It feels magical, being surrounded by nature and located at a high altitude making me feel closer to spirits 🎈 The place does not matter at the end though, because when I create, I travel to unlimited places 💫


Genkrieg's complete works can be found here.

- OM

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