Artist Interview: La

Artist Interview: La

We had a Q&A with La, a Dungeon Loot artist, over their creative process and experience making art. La has created several designs for us, including the Rogue character art, and “Respect My Loot”. We are delighted to have her on our team and love her unique style, which often features one of her iconic raccoons.


Q1. Collaboration often leads to fantastic creations. If you could team up with any artist, living or historical, to work on a joint project, who would it be, and what kind of art do you envision creating together?

I would like to team up with Lady Jasmin Darnell @JasminDarnell. When I first saw her artworks on twitter, I felt very inspired by her artworks and I just loved her art style. Her style is very elegant, simple yet intricate with the details. The kind of art that I envision we would create together would be an artwork that would be empowering women of all kinds as her artwork would be very fitting in this kind of theme.


Q2. Every artist has a special place where creativity flows effortlessly. Where do you feel most inspired to create your art, and what elements of that environment enhance your artistic process?

When creating art, I do only stay in my room but I have occasions where I go and draw in a cafe. I tend to have constant art blocks but whenever I'm in a coffee shop, I usually just don't think much and let my hand do the work. Then I usually end up with desirable outputs.


Q3. Art has the power to evoke emotions and memories. Can you share a personal experience where your artwork deeply resonated with someone and left a lasting impact on them? 

Q4. They say that "art imitates life." In your artistic journey, have you ever drawn inspiration from a real-life event or personal experience to create a piece? If so, how did that experience influence your work?

These two questions deeply resonate with each other and so far, the way how "art imitates life" in my experience is that I usually draw my raccoons with an unhinged personality where I derived it from my own mental health journey. I am not THAT unhinged 😂 it's that I just make jokes and funnies out of my own problems and inconveniences and so far it's been a very helpful coping mechanism for me.

This artworks of mine have resonated with a lot of people. Since I sell stickers at conventions, my raccoon stickers retain their unhingedness with weird captions such as "I used to think" or "I am diagnosed with stupid" and people usually laugh it off after buying then comment "same" as they relate to my works. It is a very comforting memory for me knowing they like my work.


Q5. Artists often have unique rituals or habits that they follow while creating their masterpieces. Do you have any interesting or quirky habits you find yourself doing when you're fully immersed in your creative zone?

If there's a habit I notice whenever I'm immersed in my art zone, it's usually just me  crouching or what other artists call as "shrimping." Except for me I shrimp sideways. Aside from that, whenever I work on my pieces, I don't notice myself suddenly sleeping and then suddenly it's morning. Nothing unique I suppose.


Q6. Art can be a gateway to different worlds and cultures. Is there a particular art movement or art style from a specific culture that has left a profound impression on you, and how has it influenced your own artistic expression?

 I LOVE Victorian Gothic paintings. Although I can't say for sure the I am following this exact same aesthetic since my art styles are varied and inconsistent. But I am trying to achieve it whenever I fully render something especially when I make my vampire/gothic/dark artworks since the aesthetic does influence me quite a lot.


Q7. How has your experience been as a Dungeon Loot artist? Is there anything you would want members of the community to know about your art?

My experience with Dungeon Loot has been AMAZING. The community is so friendly especially the founders, they are very considerate and their business goal is super duper wholesome as they understand the struggles of being an artist in a corporate world. They are very appreciative towards artists and love art styles that would give life and variety to their business.


La’s complete works can be found here.

- OM

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